Pupils turned back the clock for a summer fete marking their school's silver jubilee.

Instead of celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee they turned their minds to the monarch's silver jubilee in 1977 when Glory Farm Primary School in Hendon Place, Bicester, was opened.

Dean Berry and George Bridewell, both 10, get a soaking from Kieran Elsdon, also 10

Headteacher Michael Waine said: "We decided to have a traditional-style fete with attractions we had for fetes in the late 1970s. So we had maypole and morris dancing, music from Bletchingdon Silver Band, an Aunt Sally and bowling for a pig."

The fete on June 29 was for school funds.

Pupils aged 10 and 11 also staged their own charity mini fete alongside the main event.

Children will decide among themselves later to which charity they will send the money they raised.