A water-pistol fight between pupils and teachers marked a Bicester primary school's 25th anniversary.

Kimberly Stanford exchanges 'shots' with a teacher The event, at Glory Farm Primary School, Hendon Place, was a re-run of a water battle, which was staged when the school opened in 1977.

Headteacher Michael Waine said: "When the school opened there were education budget cuts all round.

"We had to accept a lot of furniture that other schools did not want, and refurbished furniture.

"But we did get a surplus order of dustbins. We had seven or eight more dustbins than we wanted.

"So we held a mock battle, with the bins filled with water."

The battle was between staff and pupils, aged between 10 and 11, who were leaving the school today.

Mr Waine added: "We all wore T-shirts, shorts and shoes that we didn't mind getting wet. We might make it an annual event -- perhaps it will be our version of the Eton wall game!"