Two 10-year-old girls sold cakes, toys and books to help people in Africa get a safe water supply.

Sophie Moore and Laura Gladdy

Sophie Moore and Laura Gladdy raised £176.80 by organising a bring and buy sale at Glory Farm School, Hendon Place, off Sunderland Drive, Bicester.

The cash was donated to Blue Peter's water aid appeal, which aims to help 74 villages in Uganda and Tanzania set up clean water supplies.

The girls said they had seen the appeal on the BBC television programme and wanted to help. Laura said: "We got parents to bake cakes and sold toys, cakes, books and ornaments."

They also had to ask permission from the school's headteacher Michael Waine.

He said: "It's amazing how the enthusiasm of one child and her friend can become so infectious.

"They set up an organising committee from all 20 classes and sailed ahead."