Oxfordshire's new volunteer emergency service now has its own rescue ambulance.

Oxfordshire Search and Rescue (Osar), which is building up a team of trained volunteers from all over Oxfordshire to support Thames Valley Police, has been given a Land Rover.

The vehicle was donated by Thames Valley Medical Rescue Unit in Upper Heyford, near Bicester.

It will be equipped with equipment such as a stretcher, oxygen and rescue rope.

Gary Foo, a former policeman who set up Oxfordshire Search and Rescue, said: "We're proud to announce the delivery of our first rescue field ambulance.

"The ambulance is ready for all types of terrain in an emergency."

Osar is Oxfordshire's first dedicated volunteer search and rescue team, working from a base in Henley.

It will offer back-up to the police.

The OSAR team, which relies on donations, includes divers trained to search for people reported missing in rivers and canals.

Similar rescue organisations exist in other counties, but Oxfordshire has until now relied on help from teams in Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Call 01491 842939 to find out how to help.

E-mail can be sent to operations@osar.org.uk

Information can be found at www.osar.org.uk