Trading Standards officers have received complaints about two companies making door-to-door collections of old clothes which residents thought were for charity.

Officers have received complaints from 17 people across Oxfordshire since February 10, after leaflets were dropped through their letter boxes by Olonex Ltd and GV Clothing asking them to donate unwanted clothing to be sold in Eastern Europe.

Olonex's leaflet says it is a small business which collects unwanted clothing for export. GV Clothing gives a company registration number, and says all items will be distributed in Eastern Europe at affordable prices.

Leaflet drops in Oxford, Kidlington, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot and Bicester all resulted in complaints.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled against Olonex Ltd, and told it to withdraw the leaflet on February 12, following complaints from across the south of England.

It said the leaflet was misleading because it asked recipients to "donate".

However, Trading Standards officers have received further complaints.

Trading Standards officer Martin Allen said the two companies were not acting illegally as neither claimed to be a charity.

But he wanted to hear from residents if representatives of either company called round and did claim to be from charities.

No-one from either Olonex Ltd or GV Clothing was available for comment.