The entrance to one of north Oxford's busiest car parks will be made safer for pedestrians -- following a six-year campaign by a former Lord Mayor.

Ann Spokes-Symonds has finally won a battle for safety measures to be installed in Diamond Place car park, off Banbury Road, Summertown.

Oxford City Council will construct a zebra crossing at the car park's entrance to slow traffic and allow pedestrians to cross.

Mrs Spokes-Symonds, of nearby Davenant Road, said the entrance was an "accident waiting to happen".

The former Conservative councillor was pleased about plans to make it safer, but expressed concern that a zebra crossing would be ineffective.

She said: "I believe marking off a pedestrian-only lane, similar to the cycle lanes we have in Oxford, would be the best option, but I am happy for the council to try a crossing.

"I have repeatedly asked both the city and county councils for work to be done and my pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

"I suppose I should now be grateful that something is at least being done. I just hope it works."

In the past, the council said there was not enough evidence to prove the entrance was dangerous.

Earlier this month, Colin Cook, executive member for planning and transport, said there was no need to change it because there had not been any accidents.

But Bob Peedell, of the council's car parks department, said an annual review last month revealed improvements were needed.

He said: "A zebra crossing is the safest option. We hope to begin work as soon as we can."