SIR - So the Green Belt is not at risk, according to John Tanner, but the health and happiness of thousands of hard-working families are (Oxford Mail, March 26). How does he know whether they are hard-working or not? Of course the Green Belt is at risk if you build on it.

As for Magdalen College wanting to increase the size of the Science Park, there are two huge buildings which have been standing empty for two years. Why build more white elephants? Most of the employees at the occupied buildings come from outside the city.

As for Magdalen College's altruistic claims to provide affordable housing for the people of Oxford, I find that laughable. A total of 320 acres of land with planning permission would probably be worth, at a conservative estimate, £20m unless, of course, the college intends to give it away. Very likely, I am sure.

As for Jane Darke, the same issue, saying the land has no value as landscape, little of Oxfordshire has, least of all Marston, which has a few fields between it and north Oxford, which would accommodate several thousand houses and improve the landscape in that mundane part of Oxford.

Remember once the Green Belt is breached, like a dam, a flood will develop. When it's gone, it's gone!


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