SIR - So, according to county council leader Keith Mitchell in his sickening letter of support for Councillor Don Seale (Oxford Mail, April 5), we, the parents of disabled children, have got it all wrong.

He says that we were wrong about the "missing million". Why then commission an expensive independent audit?

He says that Mr Seale has not made grossly offensive remarks towards us.

Which meetings has Mr Mitchell been attending? Is he just sticking his head in the sand, or has he become so impervious to such insensitive behaviour?

Mr Mitchell says we use "distortions that suit our own agendas". Correction -- we do not have our "own agendas".

We are just trying to point out to councillors what lives we have, coping with our disabled children, and what tragic consequences flowed from the closure of respite care centres and a reduction in services.

Finally, what does he mean when he says: "This cannot carry on"? That sounds like a threat to me.


Morton Close