Work has begun on a scheme to make an Abingdon road more friendly to pedestrians.

The £500,000 project to turn Saxton Road into a Home Zone should have started a month ago, but was held up following complaints from residents over car parking arrangements.

The issue was resolved when Oxfordshire County Council and its contractor Isis Accord came up with new project proposals and a scheme for alternative parking.

The revised scheme allows parking outside homes from 5pm until 7.30am the following morning. But 10 parking spaces will be lost for 24 hours and owners will have to park along the road or a specially designated area of wasteland on the site of the old Day Centre near Drayton Road.

The whole scheme will be completed in three sections, starting at the Drayton Road end next month.

The project is now scheduled to be be finished by December instead of the original completion date of October.

The aim of the Home Zone is to create an area where people will have priority over vehicles. The project includes traffic calming and new parking arrangements to protect pedestrians and a 20mph speed limit.

Block paving will be used for on-street parking areas and asphalt for other areas of the road. There will be a series of concrete "street art" mosaic tablets designed by children that will be set into pathways.

Bollards are to be installed along various stretches and at passing points. A community area is to be created at the junction with Blacknall Road that will have a lawn and landscaping. Trees will be planted at both entrances to the Home Zone area.

Collection points for refuse will be marked out within the paving. During the works programme refuse collections have been rescheduled for 8am on Monday. A small zone at each end of the fenced-off area is marked out for refuse bags to be placed.

Improved street lighting has already been installed along Saxton Road.