Wallingford Bridge Club is moving out of town after 35 years because its Bullcroft HQ is not fit to use any more.

Vandalism has meant the windows in the 60-year-old wooden building are all boarded up.

In winter it is freezing and in summer stifling.

Chairman Peter Baxter said: "To get air into the building we need to open the fire exit doors, which exposes us to obscene language and threatening behaviour of young people who gather at the far end of the building."

At the end of this month the 270-member club, the biggest in the county, is moving to Roke and Berrick village hall. Mr Baxter told the town council he hoped the move would be temporary, but staying in Wallingford was out of the question.

He urged the council to:

Discuss ways of getting the club new premises, or

Help it relocate to Wallingford Sports Park, or

Build an annex to the Regal Centre, or

Rebuild proper premises on the Bullcroft.

The town council will discuss Mr Baxter's proposals at a future meeting with district council officers and cabinet members.