A bar which last week won the right to stay open until 2am during the week, has now received permission to continue serving alcohol until it closes.

Bar Risa, in Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, was granted a public entertainment licence to extend its Monday to Thursday opening hours by Oxford City Council's public entertainment and licensing sub-committee - despite objections from residents.

The 250-capacity venue already had permission to stay open until 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Granting the new licence, sub-committee chairman Tony Brett said councillors would strongly object to any bid by the venue to continue serving alcohol past 1am.

But on August 4, the licensing committee at Oxford Magistrates' Court granted a special hours certificate, which allows Bar Risa to serve alcohol until 2am.

Mr Brett said he was unable to voice the sub committee's opposition because the court only let people speak if they had given seven days' notice.

He was unable to do this as the city council's meeting was last Thursday.

Mr Brett said he was frustrated that he had not been able to make his views known. He said it was another example of the outdated licensing laws failing residents.

James Young, of Upper Fisher Row, who objected to the extended hours, said the way in which recent decisions had been made had left him feeling powerless.

"The city council and the police are well aware of the acute antisocial behaviour problems we have here," he said.

"It has completely changed the ethos of the community."

David Turner, the operations director for Regent Inns, which owns Bar Risa, said the venue was not planning to open until 2am immediately. However, he added that when it did, consideration would be given to the view that no alcohol should be served beyond 1am.

He added: "I appreciate the concerns people have about late licences, but we always try to operate them as responsibly as we can. We don't want to upset people."

Lucy Ferguson, of Thames Valley Police, said: "We have had only two calls to the premises during the past three months, but obviously we shall be monitoring the situation."

Mr Brett said the licensing committee would now be informed of any forthcoming hearings for special hours certificates.