Bad weather is the latest set back in the ongoing saga of getting residents parking up and running in central Headington.

The zones, which were supposed to be implemented last September, were delayed when a member of the Oxfordshire County Council team responsible for them left.

They were then supposed to be implemented in February, but were delayed again because of bad weather.

It is now hoped the zones, which have provoked mixed reactions from businesses and residents, will come into force on April 4.

As reported in January, Headington traders welcomed the delays, because they fear the zones will kill off trade by stopping customers parking in the streets around London Road.

Jonathan Barton, owner of Cartridge World, London Road, said: "We would prefer there to be easier access to shops in Headington. While there is some parking it is not particularly central or convenient for shoppers.

"They are providing lay-bys outside some of the shops, but I don't know what effect they will have."

Householders were pleased with the news they would finally get the parking zones, which will stop workers from Headington's hospitals clogging up their streets.

Janet Isaac, of Highfield Residents Association, said: "When I got a letter saying the zones would be in place by April 4, I was glad. People living near me, in Lime Walk, are pleased.

"The county extended the double yellow lines at the end of some of our streets and they have made a difference.

"There is no longer a parking space outside my house, which means I don't have a huge van parked in front of my window. It has been very frustrating waiting for residents parking."

Stephen Axtell, transport projects implementation officer for the county council, said: "We hope that, weather permitting, the zone will come into effect on April 4, with an amnesty until April 18.

"However, a continued spell of bad weather could delay the completion of the scheme and, therefore, full enforcement."