Only one shop in Oxford has applied for a new licence to sell alcohol 24-hours per day, Oxford City Council has revealed.

Sainsbury's Local in Headington is the first store to take advantage of new legislation that will mean booze can legally be sold around the clock. No pubs or clubs in the city have applied for the licences.

Manager Tony Hallam said: "We are going for the licence because it will increase our turnover and provide a better service for our customers. "We don't expect it to make a massive difference during the week but it will on Friday and Saturday nights.

"I expect it to have more impact on sales of wine and lager than spirits."

Under the Licensing Act 2003, the city council is responsible for licences for the sale of alcohol, instead of Oxford Magistrates Court.

It came into force in February, and all shops that sell alcohol must have a premises licence and must name a designated premises supervisor who must hold a personal licence.

Even if they don't want to sell alcohol round-the-clock, all pubs and shops must apply for a new licence under the new legi- slation.

The city council is running a series of small workshops, to help applicants apply.

Andy Forbes, the council's licensing team leader, said: "Existing licences may be converted to the new ones, but the applications must be received by the August 6 deadline.

"After that, all applications have to be treated as new, not only making the process more complicated, but also open to representations from local residents."

The Sainsburys licence application is open to consultation until April 27.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the workshops or the new licences can call 01865 252565.