A bus service running passengers from Abingdon to Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital has been axed.

The Oxford Bus Company will withdraw the X13 service after two years next month because it is underused.

But the company is pledging to improve the 13 service which runs from Oxford city centre to the hospital to compensate for the cut.

The number of journeys on the X3 service between Abingdon and Oxford city centre and the railway station is also being increased. It had to be reduced earlier this year due to roadworks in Abingdon Road.

The Oxford Bus Company's commercial director Nigel Eggleton said: "We introduced the X13 service just under two years ago as an experiment.

"We had hoped passengers would be attracted to the convenience of the new route.

"While there has been a growth in custom the numbers are nowhere near enough to justify keeping the service going.

"We are increasing the number of journeys to the JR on service 13 to compensate. In effect we are reverting to the service that existed before the X13 was introduced."

From yesterday, the X3 was once again stopping at Oxford railway station.

The route was reduced in March because hold-ups in Abingdon Road meant that a journey which should have taken 10 minutes was taking half an hour, and the service was limited to a route between Abingdon and the city centre.

Mr Eggleton added: "We are delighted with the way the county council and the contractors have managed the traffic through the roadworks and we are delighted this important service can be restored."

The extra buses on service 13 means it can run at 20 minute intervals from the city centre to the JR.

In another change to services, Marston will for the first time have a direct service to Summertown, Banbury Road, the city centre and the railway station and the JR and Churchill hospitals. It will also have a Sunday service for the first time in many years.

The village will be served by the 14 service as a result of the changes rather than the 13c as at present. The route will be operated with the assistance of the county council. Mr Eggleton added: "We realise that people always have concerns about change but we have been forced to make these adjustments to maintain the viability and reliability of the services."

During the daytime buses will serve Marston village in both the city centre and JR bound directions.