Congested and sometimes downright dangerous -- London Road in Headington, Oxford, needs urgent attention.

I am sure everyone can agree on that, but I would also guess that most of us would have strong opinions and strong disagreements with each other.

Any solution will prove controversial. That is why it is critical to involve local residents at every step in planning change.

I am pleased that Oxfordshire County Council is working on how to improve the main route through Headington.

It has got to the stage of having some ideas -- and from what I have seen, some are radical.

It is time for the council to test them against local opinion. But the consultation that is planned is in danger of being too brief and too limited.

I have been told that consultation will consist of three public displays, and that is it.

I honestly cannot see how this will be enough to gauge the opinion of the many local people whose lives this will affect.

I am pleading with the county council to do more to find out what people think.

I am also pressing for more publicity for the displays.

Can I use your pages to alert people to these events? They are:

Tuesday, June 28: Barton Neighbourhood Centre, 3.30 to 8pm

Thursday, June 30: Clarendon Centre, central Oxford, 9am to 6pm

Saturday, July 2: St Andrew's School, 10am to 4pm.

Please do get along to one of them, if you can. Let us try to make sure that the county can make decisions, fully aware what local people think.

DAVID RUNDLE (Councillor)

Liberal Democrat, Headington Ward, Oxford City Council