ANIMAL-lovers Bea Bradley (Oxford Mail, January 22) and Mr Butler (February 3) would be better advised to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The “Moving God” Miss Bradley writes of drowned all the animals in the world except two of each kind, because the wickedness of man was great in the earth (Genesis VI). God’s son drowned a herd of swine, in order to drive the demons out of a lunatic (Matthew VIII). Albert Schweitzer had not the least compunction about killing scorpions and poisonous snakes. I was told this by a lady who worked with him – the late Miss Margaret Deneke.

By the way, what was God doing at the time of the earthquake? Was he “monitoring” a hunt? Or was he, or on a journey? (1 Kings XVIII).

RALPH LEAVIS, Blackbird Leys, Oxford