YOUNG cyclists received an early lesson in road safety, following the donation of 40 helmets to their school.

Most of the four and five-year-olds at Wheatley Primary School’s foundation unit cannot yet cycle unassisted, let alone take to the roads without the guidance of their parents.

But following the donation of helmets and high visibility bibs from local companies, the pupils now know how to stay safe.

The equipment was handed over by Swedish company Momenta, with items funded by Millview Plant Centre in Wheatley, Athena Guesthouse in Cowley, Durham Leys Farm and Livery Yard in Marsh Baldon, East Oxford Conservative Club and Mr and Mrs Fixit from Kennington.

Headteacher Joan Morters said: “We don’t start cycle proficiency training until Year Five but we do teach them road safety.

“This is a way of starting good habits now, so that, when they get older, they won’t think of taking their bikes on the road without a helmet.”

She said the donation came as a complete surprise.

Momenta runs the scheme to offer young schoolchildren helmets in Sweden, and since opening an office in Didcot has dished out about 150 helmets to foundation age children in Oxfordshire.