PLANS to start a new youth forum in one of Oxford’s “forgotten estates” are under way.

Community leaders and young people from Northway decided to start the forum after seeing the success of other groups in Barton, Blackbird Leys and Rose Hill.

Now a host of help has been offered, including from Colin Taylor, managing director of Oxford City Football club, to put the idea into action.

Roy Darke, city councillor for Headington Hill and Northway, said there was a feeling of disenchantment with the services on the estate.

He said: “Northway is an estate which feels it has been forgotten. There is sense that there are young people who have nothing to do and can be a nuisance in the summer.

“The police are doing what they can, and there is the youth club in Saxon Way, which is open three nights a week.But it is as much an issue of communication.

“Just getting a community newssheet saying what is happening would help.

“There are already several successful youth forums in Oxford including Barton, Blackbird Leys and Rose Hill and more widely around the country.

“We hope this youth forum will provide opportunities for sharing skills and experience, ideas and action plans for activities, and provision for young people.”

Community development coordinator Alan Foulkes said the demand for more youth services in Northway was recognised in a recent community research project carried out by residents.

He added: “I think some really good things have come out of this project and one thing in particular that was identified was the need for better youth services. This should be great for the area.”

Mr Darke said he hoped the Northway forum would also give young people in the estate a chance to train in new areas.

He said: “The first meeting was really successful.

“Colin Taylor from Oxford City has already offered Friday evening training sessions for the kids and we hope to offer national qualifications in IT. We also hope to get people off the estate and train them to be youth leaders and give them CRB validation.”

The Youth Forum had its first training session with Oxford City Football club yesterday, and the next meeting of the planning committee will be on Wednesday at Saxon Way Youth Centre, from 5.30pm.