A DISABLED mother whose wheelchair was stolen said last night her faith in humanity had been restored by kind-hearted readers.

Lisa Dunn, 37, who lives in Cowley, suffers from a rare tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and without her chair is unable to leave the house.

She discovered her wheelchair had been taken from outside her house in Church Hill Road on Thursday, January 21, at about noon.

Police are investigating the theft.

After reading of her plight, three readers contacted us to offer the mother-of-three their own unwanted chairs.

Mrs Dunn, who also has a collapsed spine, said she and her husband Eddie, and three children Jessica, one, Matthew, six, and William, 10, were overwhelmed by the response.

She said: “Just as we were beginning to think the world had gone to pieces, these people have shown us there is some good left on the planet.

“I’m just so shocked and happy.

“I can’t believe people are so kind.”

First to contact us were Peter and Audrey Bridgman, from Charlbury.

They have a spare wheelchair formerly used by Mrs Bridgman, 78.

Mr Bridgman, 76, said the wheelchair had been in their spare room for years.

He said: “My wife uses a wheelchair and it’s a concern to think it might be stolen because there are just some places you can’t take it into.

“We thought it may be of some use to her until she perhaps gets another one.“ Then Sylvia Holifield, 70, from Headington, called to offer a wheelchair she no longer needed.

She said: “I would rather see it go somewhere it is needed than slung on a dump.”

Vivienne Simonson, 77, from Launton, near Bicester, said she was disgusted by the thieves.

She offered a wheelchair used by her daughter, who died last year after suffering a long-term disability.

Mrs Simonson said: “I just think it’s disgusting there are people who would do that to someone who can’t get about.

“It makes me very angry having dealt with it myself for 35 years.

“I hope my donation brings some happiness or help to Mrs Dunn.”