BLACKBURN, Lancashire, famously had 4,000 holes in its roads, according to The Beatles.

Driving around Oxfordshire now it doesn’t feel too dissimilar.

Yesterday, Oxfordshire County Council admitted it was having to fill in about 200 potholes a day since the snow opened up the road surfaces right across the county.

It really brings into perspective the extent of the problem.

The council promising to spend an extra £1m, given the sums it deals with, didn’t really sound a lot.

But then we discover there are extra gangs of pothole patchers being pressed into service, with the expectation that 5,000 holes will be filled in over a month.

The county is certainly tackling the problem as speedily as it can, although motorists should still be reporting any they see.

Given the pressing demand, your average worker is currently facing a very busy Day In The Life.