SPORTS teams and community groups in Oxfordshire are over the moon after winning than £100,000.

In its latest wave of hand-outs, the environmental body Wren, which distributes cash from landfill tax credits, has awarded £122,244 to four projects in the county, for new playing field pavilions and a refurbished playground.

Children in Didcot are set to benefit from a £15,000 contribution to a £62,000 scheme to improve play equipment, fencing and gates at the playground in Great Western Drive.

Town council technical manager Brenda Andrews said: “The play area was in desperate need of being revamped as some of the kit had been there for 30 years.

“We consulted the kids on what they wanted and they decided upon more up-to-date things such as a cable ride, sky surfer, basket swing and a tunnel in the bank.

“They’ve seen those kind of things and asked for them, so why shouldn’t they get them?

“We’re hoping it will be built by Easter.”

Moulsford, near Wallingford, has received a cash injection of £50,000 towards a £300,000 project to redevelop the village pavilion, where most community activities are held.

Project manager Miles Powell said: “The current pavilion is the heart of the village and this funding is massive for us. You can see the strength of feeling by the fact that £80,000 has been raised towards the project by villagers. We’re now so close to our total.

“The pavilion will seat 120 people, be of timber construction and will have up to date changing facilities for visiting sports teams.”

In Charlbury residents are delighted after being given a £50,000 donation towards their new pavilion, expected to cost £200,000.

Committee chairman Robert Caston said: “The pavilion is 76 years old and unusable for young people.

“This is a generous grant and we’re absolutely delighted. Youngsters from the football club and the tennis club will be the ones to benefit.

“The pavilion will include two full size changing rooms, showers, toilets, and separate disabled changing rooms.”

Woodstock Water Meadows has received £7,243 to pay for embankment repairs and new gates.

Wren project manager Matthew Cox said: “These grant offers should provide a really positive start to the new year for the communities involved.

“Wren is always pleased to be able to help people improve and create facilities which will make a difference locally.

“I would encourage any organisations in Oxfordshire looking for funding to contact Wren and find out more about how we might be able to help.”