THERE were many good things about the snow: more care and kindness shown toward others; children prised away from computer games and into the playfulness that snow engenders; and all the deliriously happy dogs cavorting around.

It also brought a temporary halt to hunting, with the victims of this vile sport permitted to forage unmolested for their meagre rations in the frozen countryside.

Walking in this temporarily transformed area of natural beauty, I repeatedly found myself wondering how anyone who clings to the notion of a loving God could refrain from criticising – and even actually support – the ungodly activity of hunting wild animals for sport. And yet they do, and will quote all manner of religious texts to support their perceived right to hunt and kill beautiful creatures which should, if we are to accept their belief that all life was created by a loving God, be protected and cherished as part of that creation.

Why are religious leaders not railing against the blasphemy of bloodsports. Can anyone answer?

BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington