IT IS council Leader Bob Price and the Labour Group that are attempting to subvert meetings of the full council, not Oxford’s Green Party Councillors (Oxford Mail letter, November 11).

According to the constitution section 11.13(d), motions can only appear on the full council agenda if they are “about things the council is responsible for or something that directly affects people in the city”.

The questions and motions (of which there are many) put to council and the Labour administration by the Greens are therefore, by definition, relevant to the business of the council and the citizens of Oxford.

Of course, I can see why Labour does not want the huge service cuts imposed on the city council by their Government to be so publicly scrutinised or, with a forthcoming election, for the worthwhile motions from the Greens to get any publicity.

But to stifle debate for their own narrow political ends smacks of desperation and control-freakery.

What Mr Price’s letter amply demonstrates is that the Greens have become the effective opposition to Labour on Oxford City Council.

He can rest assured that we will continue to hold them to account where they are failing, while supporting those measures we feel are sensible and practical.

Craig Simmons Leader, Green Group Oxford City Council