WE ARE days away from a major change to the way Oxford residents dispose of their rubbish. At the start of next month, homes in large swathes of the city will be asked to put aside their food waste for recycling.

About £100,000 is being spent on the project in a bid to cut further the amount of waste going to landfill.

Households already have to contend with a collection of recycling bins parked outside their homes – now there will be one more, plus a kitchen caddy.

Ironically, the man in charge of keeping us on the green straight and narrow said food recycling should have come first.

The most important thing to recycle is food waste because it produces methane which, if put in landfill, can be more damaging than carbon dioxide.

But, let’s face it, it is a hassle. And that is probably a key point. We have, so far, recycled what is easiest to recycle. So, now is the real test. Will people bother?

Those of use who already put aside potato peelings and the like for the compost heap will know what a grotty job it can be.

Initially, the new scheme is voluntary – which could impact on the uptake. But it is vital the project is supported.

If you are cynical about the impact your efforts have globally – remember to think locally.

We still need to reduce the amount of rubbish heading to landfill sites.

Soon, local authorities will have to shell out thousands of pounds if too much is dumped in the ground.

That could mean bigger council tax bills for you.

There will be arguments over the next few weeks about whether the system works, but we are sure it can be tweaked. The most important thing is people make the effort to support it.