GIANT images of some of Oxfordshire’s bishops are being projected on to landmarks across the UK.

Five of the Diocese of Oxford’s seven bishops have been photographed with the word ‘Copenhagen’ written across their foreheads.

The word is a reference to climate talks which are due to take place in the Danish capital in December.

The photographs have already been projected on to Ironbridge power station in Shropshire and the Houses of Parliament in London as part of a Christian Aid campaign to put pressure on the United Nations to act on climate change.

Each image was captured by West Oxford photographer Tom Weller, as part of the charity’s Mass Visual Trespass campaign.

Mr Weller said: “We tried to think about what would make a real impact and I came up with the idea of writing a message on the foreheads of the bishops, which I thought would make quite an interesting and striking photograph.

“You don’t expect to see bishops with writing on their foreheads. The idea was that each would be a simple portrait shot, but used together as a series they would have a real impact.”

The Rt Rev John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, was among those pictured.

He said: “Climate change poses a very real threat to humanity and to our planet.

“We must be in no doubt that the Copenhagen Climate Summit requires strong leadership that will deal fairly and effectively with the consequences of climate change.

“It may seem incongruous to see a bishop with ‘Copenhagen’ written across his forehead, but I think it’s important that when people see these images they recognise the seriousness of the issue. That is why I have taken part in Christian Aid’s campaign.”

The images of Oxfordshire’s religious leaders will be joined by hundreds of other messages from people calling on the international community to come up with a fair and effective climate change deal at the summit.

Mr Weller, 37, said: “It is a really exciting way to get the message across to a wider audience, and for me it is great to see those images projected in such size.

“The work Christian Aid does is fantastic and I am very happy to be supporting them.”

The bishops of Oxford, Buckingham, Reading, Hertford, and Bedford have all been photographed for the campaign.

Campaigners also want assurances that developing countries will have all the resources necessary to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

You can add your own climate change campaign message at the Christian Aid website.