ARTHUR Schopenhauer stated that the only true morality derives from compassion. On that basis it is pointless appealing to those such as David Tinson (Letters, October 20), since such people have no concept of compassion for animals, especially when they are deriving entertainment from pursuing them and ripping them to pieces.

According to Mori opinion polls, the British people (including two thirds of those in the countryside) abhor the cruelty involved in hunting but David Cameron can’t wait to spit in the face of public opinion by re-instating this primitive pastime.

Do we really have to be subjected yet again to the same old tired arguments put forward by Mr Tinson and his like?

Bloodsports enthusiasts are not custodians of the countryside as he would like to portray.

Such people have jumped on the bandwagon of conservation as an alibi for their nefarious activities but the motivation is purely that of bloodlust.

If Cameron succeeds in his endeavour, then every other minority will demand their equal right to abuse animals.

Tinson classifies those who oppose this as the ‘politically correct brigade’ but the reverse is true.

The fanaticism of those who claim the ‘human right’ to abuse our wonderful wildlife constitutes real political correctness.

JOHN BENSON, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford