FOX hunting obviously divides many but this pastime has played its part as one of our great British traditions.

It may indeed be classed as barbaric to some, but the wiley fox is not extinct due to hunting, although I agree there must be a better way than to rip it to shreds at the hunt’s conclusion.

However, it is our traditions and freedoms that are at stake here.

Far too many are falling by the wayside due to the politically correct brigade, who do nothing but give lip service and try to tell us what’s great for our country.

I applaud David Cameron’s hunting stance because he clearly believes in traditional values and pastimes.

The countryside is our backbone and should be nurtured and protected, with hunting as part of our historic rural legacy.

Modern day Britain is a mixture of many different variables. But would some factions prefer a concrete jungle with no wildlife?

Our wonderful countryside needs to be enjoyed, and that is exactly what the hunting brigade do.

The hunting ban unwittingly sets up a possible scenario where developers are given carte blanche to build more housing, with an absent hunting brigade obviously powerless to protest the consequences.

Furthermore, the fox stands more chance of becoming extinct due to a loss of its natural habitat than hunting (foxes are on the increase in urban areas).

Intriguingly, nothing is ever black and white – there’s a wider picture here, and considerably more at stake than just the cunning Mr fox.

DAVID TINSON, Moorland Road, Witney