THE very unhealthy minority who persist in terrorising our wildlife and vandalising the property of those who oppose them (Hunt followers slashed tyres, Oxford Mail October 15) present an aspect of life that is deeply disturbing.

There must be a serious flaw in the character of people who literally hound to death wild animals and target, with any means at their disposal, those who oppose their brutal pastime.

Those who choose to seek their entertainment by following the sport of the unlamented wastrels of the past, harbour a deep visceral hatred for anyone who opposes them.

It is a matter of record that assaults and thefts against those who dare to attempt to record the activities of hunters are commonplace, and Penny Little has frequently been singled out as a target.

Is there any other sport where bystanders with cameras are routinely attacked? And yet, incredibly, the Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, is a keen hunt supporter and hopes to restore this vile activity to the statute book.

BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington