I felt that Andrew Coles had it spot on (Letters, October 13), reminding people of what David Cameron will do if he gets elected, re-instating fox hunting. The most barbaric pastime/sport, to exist in this country, now thankfully illegal.

Well done Labour for doing that. We take out pets to the vet for all sorts of problems, and at the end of its life we kindly do the right thing, and put them so sleep before their quality of life deteriorates too much. It’s the last act of love you can do for them.

Yet some people feel because the fox is wild and does what instinct tells it, that it is all right to chase it for hours on horseback with dogs until its exhausted then rip it to pieces.

Some fail to remember that our pet dogs from origin were once wild, now domesticated.

I feel a double standard here is committed. I would not want a man running my country who thinks this is perfectly expectable, would you?

Kim Webb, Queens Close, Eynsham