BUNGEE jumping was just one of the attractions delighting some of the thousands of revellers at Europe’s longest street fair.

Abingdon’s Michaelmas Fair, which ends tonight, welcomed hundreds of people who enjoyed dozens of attractions – including a coconut shy, waltzers, dodgems, a shooting gallery and children’s rides.

The annual fair, which has been running since the 14th century, marks the beginning of autumn.

And organisers proudly describe it as the longest in Europe – stretching for one mile along the High Street, Market Place and Ock Street.

Town mayor Patricia Hobby opened proceedings yesterday by taking the first ride on a carousel.

She said: “This is the main social event for Abingdon and it means so much to the people here.

“Throughout the years, we never miss going to the fair, and it was brilliant to start this year’s event – although the carousel seemed faster than I remembered it.

“It’s a fantastic event for the town, and something we look forward to all year round.”

On Sunday night people crammed into Market Place for an open-air ceremonial service, conducted by the Rev Richard Bittleston of Trinity Church.

Hymns were sung to music played by Abingdon Town band.

Steve Rich, projects and technical manager for AbingdonTown Council, helped plan for the fair.

He said: “It’s a really special time when people from Abingdon and outside the town come together for this fantastic extravaganza.

“It’s incredible to walk through the streets and see so much going on. I used to come here as a child – though things have changed quite a bit.

“We used to have attractions such as boxing. Also, the rides are a lot faster nowadays.”

  • The Runaway Fair, the sister attraction to the Michaelmas Fair, takes place in Market Place on Monday, from noon until 9pm.