I had read about the Radley Lakes issue and the successful campaign to stop RWE npower using them for further ash disposal. But, in all the years I have lived in the Abingdon area, I hadn’t actually been there.

I went there recently to have a look for myself at this particular place that was making so much news and the cause of such a protest by so many dedicated people.

I don’t know if I was lucky in that it was a special day or a particular time of day, but as I came out of the narrow lane and into the open space, there wasn’t a person in sight, not even the slightest sound.

It was a silence that you could only hear from within yourself.

Then my eyes caught the view that was in front of me. Words, I can honestly say, could never express that moment, I could only stand still and take it all in for what seemed like all eternity. Then I came back down to reality and saw what industry had done to a part of this most beautiful area and what could have been done to this most precious place.

I can only say to those who gave so much time and energy in fighting to preserve the remainder of the lakes that you have done so much for us all. The lakes will, if looked after, give so much pleasure for generations to come.

BILL GOODWIN, Pebble Hill, Radley