VEGAN food campaigners promoted the benefits of a diet without animal products at a free food fair in the city centre.

The second annual event, at the Wesley Memorial Church Hall, in New Inn Hall Street, on Saturday, was attended by about 500 people and organisers hailed it a success.

Free food was handed out and speakers gave talks on the different aspects of veganism.

Organiser Rachel Foster, of Oxford Animal Protection, said the day was about enjoying meat and dairy-free products while delivering an important message.

She said: “The idea is to show how easy and delicious, and inexpensive, it is to be vegan. We’re doing it to help animals, the environment and health.

“We can’t understand why some animals are treated as pets while others are turned into mince meat.

“We love all animals and farm animals have just as many feelings and love their babies just as much as any animal.

“It’s been much bigger this year. It was very successful last year, but the only complaint came from people who said they were too crammed in, so we’ve opened up more of the building so there’s a much bigger space. We hope to make this an annual thing”

The event included workshops about vegan food.

Amanda Jones, who was dishing out vegan-friendly sweets and savoury dishes, said: “It’s to show people vegan food is very tasty, very easy to make and easy to buy.

“I was here last year and it is getting bigger.

“The reception we get in Oxford is great.”