Two talented Oxford artists have joined forces to stage an exhibition of their work at the Said Gallery. Oxford in Transition combines work by David Parrott and Nicola Jenkin, who call on an assortment of paint mediums to show us Oxford in a fascinating new way.

Nicola, an environmental scientist, uses art to capture the essence, emotion and vibrancy that she experiences when viewing a landscape. She particularly enjoys exploring the relationship between man-made structures and the environment in which they exist. Her aim is to challenge the viewer to consider what is aesthetically pleasing in a landscape.

Her collage Transition 1, worked in inks and tea is a superbly atmospheric picture of the dreaming spires, one of which is shrouded in scaffolding. The juxtaposition of reconstruction and perfection, is both thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing, with autumnal reds and the golden glow of a fading sun heightening our appreciation of the scene.

David is a self-taught artist who has been inspired by the city to paint and explore its uniqueness and the subtleties of light and colours that declare each changing season. His work brings together snippets and views seen through the bustle of streetscapes and the busy bridges that cross the river. His work is tactile, he is generous with his use of acrylic that he mixes with liming wax to great effect. Covered Market (pictured), which relies on hanging lamps to add luminosity to a dark day and lead the eye to an exit at the rear is remarkable. He has captured the atmosphere perfectly.

Olive Bridge, a study of the green-painted railway bridge crossing the Thames near Osney, appears to have been inspired by the brush techniques, tree shapes and colour combinations of Van Gogh.

Oxford in Transition will remain on view until August 28 and is well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.