A MOTORIST was stopped every four minutes on their way along Botley Road, in Oxford, today.

Police carried out stop checks on traffic driving along Botley Road, near the Seacourt park and ride site, between 8am and 10am.

Officers handed out 21 fines to motorists and passengers who were spotted in vehicles without wearing their seatbelts. They were each fined £60.

Police also stopped six drivers for using their mobile phones while at the wheel.

They were all fined £60 and received three penalty points, or given the option of attending a mobile phone road safety course instead, at a cost of £74.

Figures released by the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership last week showed that 13 fatal and serious crashes in the region between 2006 and last year were caused by the use of a mobile phone at the wheel.

Almost 50 drivers were caught breaking the law in Botley Road in a similar police operation in May last year.

Officers fined 10 for driving while using phones and 37 for not wearing a seatbelt.