I understand people are entitled to their own opinion, but unless you are or have been in our situation – trying to get IVF treatment on the NHS – then you cannot begin to imagine what emotional stress us couples are under.

Quote from Lady Penelope: “It’s nature I’m afraid. Your body was NOT destined to have children. There are 100s of children waiting to be adopted.”

Not destined to have children? Does that mean someone who has terminal cancer is not destined to live?

Has anyone seen the criteria for adopting? Does anyone know how hard it is to adopt?

Quote from IMHO: “It is wrong to spend taxpayers’ money on IVF while people wait for hip replacements and cancer treatments.”

What am I? I am a taxpayer. Both myself and my partner have worked since leaving school.We have never had any kind of help from the government.

We go to work, we pay our taxes and NI contributions, we pay for our medications so where do our contributions go?

We are approaching £13,000 spent on fertility treatment.We have both worked hard to save this money. We live a basic life so we can try and complete our dream of having a family.

We only hope that the PCT do change the rules and that we become eligible for NHS funding.

MJ, Oxford (Full Name and address supplied)