A NOISY neighbour can be a proverbial headache — especially if you happen to live in a terraced or semi-detached property.

But spare a thought for Marc and Lisa Thompson of Finstock, west Oxfordshire, who are considering upping sticks and moving their young family out of their home because of the noisy nocturnal activities of their neighbours.

For their part, the couple in question claimed they were doing nothing wrong now their children had flown the nest — and had even quietened down their lovemaking.

But this is no ordinary over-the-garden-fence neighbour spat — West Oxfordshire District Council has even got involved.

But sadly for Mr and Mrs Thompson, “a fundamental domestic activity like sexual intercourse” is not a matter for it and enforcement action cannot be taken.

It seems the only options available to the Thompsons are to move or take action through the civil courts — although they could always try wearing ear plugs.

What a carry on.