A MOBILE drop-in centre for drug users is set to hit the county’s roads for the first time to give support to hundreds more addicts who are struggling to beat their addiction.

Drugs organisation Smart CJS, (Substance Misuse Arrest Referral Team Criminal Justice Services) is now opening its doors in Oxford, Witney, Banbury Bicester, Didcot and Abingdon, to hold drop-in services for drug addicts.

It has also introduced a new mentoring service comprised of parents of drug users to help family members cope with the turmoil of seeing their relatives suffer.

By the end of the summer Smart CJS will have a mobile drop-in centre which can be driven to areas of the county where there is little or no support for drug users.

Smart has taken over the running of the Oxfordshire’s drop-in centres for drug users from Cranston.

Chief executive Darren Worthington said: “Our aim is to provide drug and alcohol interventions that are accessible to all regardless of their location, or need.

“To achieve this we will be reaching out to all communities in Oxfordshire, particularly those with growing or hidden substance misuse problems, with a range of services that support the individual throughout their journey towards a life that’s free of drug and alcohol use.

“Another key focus will be the development of support services that are specifically aimed at the families and carers of substance users as we believe the problems they experience as a result of living with the issues are often forgotten.”

“I am developing 10 champions across the county who are parents of drug users and we want them to mentor other parents of drug users.

“We are very excited about the mobile drop-in centre – it will be the only one of its kind in the country.”

In 2008 more than 900 people with drug problems were referred to Smart CJS through the criminal system whether released from jail or on bail.

The help has now been expanded to anyone, whether a convicted criminal or not, who needs drugs or alcohol support.

There will be open access drop-in services, group sessions and one-to-one support for problem drug users.

The drop-in centres are in Cowley Road, Oxford; the Salvation Army, in Hart Place, Bicester; Orchard Lodge, in Warwick Road, Banbury; Didcot Baptist Church, in Wantage Road, Didcot; and Marlborough House, in Witney.

A drop-in centre in Abingdon is due to open in September.

To find out more log on to smartcjs.org.uk or call the hotline on (01865) 403240