A singing social networking sensation is planning to perform a live gig from the Internet site that made him famous in web circles.

Satirical songwriter Ben Walker, from North Oxford, 28, became well known in the ‘Twittering’ community when he penned the song, You’re No One If You’re Not on Twitter, and posted it on the video sharing website YouTube.

Since then, more than 305,500 viewers have seen the video and the song has become the unofficial anthem of Twitter fans worldwide.

He said: “The song came about after I entered a challenge to record 90 songs in 90 days. I think I’d ran out of things to sing about.

“But someone who worked for YouTube stumbled across it and posted it on the front page of the website, and I think it attracted something like 120,000 people in one day.”

Now Mr Walker intends to use the Internet as a way of playing to all of the people who made him a web sensation at an upcoming gig at the North Wall Arts Centre, in Summertown, Oxford.

The gig, featuring Mr Walker on guitar and piano, will be streamed live over the Internet by using a video sharing tool affiliated with the Twitter website.

He plans to erect large screens at the concert so people watching the gig, whether they are watching at the venue, or over the web, can join in by posting Twitter messages, photos and videos.

Mr Walker said he hoped the interactive method would lead to some song writing collaborations between him and his virtual audience.

He said: “I’ve done live gigs before where people have suggested lyrics and we’ve ended up writing songs. It makes for a much more interesting gig when impromptu things happen.

“The venue holds around 200 people, and I hope the same number again will watch over the Internet.

“It’s the creative and collaborative attitude of social media users that has propelled my songs across the world – I’m using the same medium to give something back.”

Ben’s Big Gig will be held at the centre on May 1 at 8pm. For tickets, which are £10, or £5 for students, call the box office on 01865 319450 or visit the website bensbiggig.ihatemornings .com awilliams@oxfordmail.co.uk