How refreshing it was to read the letter about the relationship between the meat and the dairy industry and the destruction of the environment (Oxford Mail, January 16).

If carnivores cut down on their consumption of animal-based foods, their health, the Earth and the lives of animals would improve.

However, as your correspondent points out, the best option is a totally vegan diet.

Now that there are so many delicious plant-based alternatives, made from nuts, soya and grains on the market, there is no excuse to go on exploiting the planet in this way.

And no, soya milk doesn’t taste of beans nowadays.

It was also interesting to read, in the same issue, the letter about Oxfam’s goats.

Maybe your correspondent should investigate Vegfam, an organisation which donates seeds rather than animals to poor people, thus making the most of their resources.

PAM HOPCRAFT, Lower Radley Park, Abingdon