When the owner of Creative Art Gallery viewed Andrew McNeile Jones’s pictures, during Art in Woodstock 2008, she knew she wanted them in her High Street gallery.

Andrew was delighted with the offer and has been working towards putting a show together ever since.

He has already won a couple of prizes for his paintings, including first prize with Art Business Today, the journal of Fine Art Trade guild. Strangely, he chose to turn his back on art when he left the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, and decided to train as a filmmaker instead. But he continued to paint while directing dramas, documentaries and commercials, until painting finally took over his life in 2002.

You will be forgiven for wondering if he has cheated and simply painted over a photograph, such is the photographic likeness of his work. Not so. His studio, in North Hinksey Village, is full of the fruits and clothes he paints so skilfully in oils.

His exhibition, includes some quite remarkable works, including Two Pomegranates which, as the title suggests is just that – two pomegranates sitting on an embroidered blue cloth. The colours are rich and vibrant and the fruit so lifelike it’s tempting to reach out and touch them.

His Bowl of Three Lemons has the same remarkable qualities, so do his other pictures of fruit, particularly Two Figs and Silver Bowl.

View his Green Shirt and you will be tempted to remove it from the window shutter, on which it hangs, and place it carefully in the wardrobe – it’s that realistic.

Discussing his art Andrew said: “My painting aims to capture a certain atmosphere in a moment of light, and shadow and reflection. It is a cool, almost melancholy atmosphere. The subject matter ranges from humble still lives lit by raking sunlight, domestic interior glimpsed through doorways and shutters, to occasional exteriors caught in the first or last light.”

The exhibition is on until March 2.