A haw frost had transformed the trees; the landscape was white as droplets of snow fluttered to the ground and people shuffled along the streets swathed in scarves.

How good to arrive at the Sewell Centre Gallery, at Radley College, and discover the room was filled with children’s laughter, as children’s book illustrator Korky Paul signed his books with squiggles depicting Winnie the Witch and her black cat Wilbur.

The room was also filled with Korky Paul’s original illustrations. These are not for sale. They were there to be admired. Limited edition signed giclee prints are available however. These are the next best thing to an original and are for sale along with piles of books Korky Paul has illustrated over the years.

In a small corner of the room Korky Paul has set up a mini studio with used paintbrushes and finished pictures pinned to the wall from his latest publication Winnie’s Midnight Dragon. Obviously the children were delighted to venture into this area and peer into his studio.

The giclee Print of the Story Museum poster also attracted a great deal of interest (see below) owing to the amazing details this remarkable picture contains. The more you look, the more you see. Little creatures, Winnie the Witch and Wilbur and the many colourful characters Korky Paul has created over the years are suspended in this glorious tree. Part of the profits for each print sold will go to the Story Museum, which is a virtual museum at the moment that can be entered at www.storymuseum.org.uk The more posters that are sold, the nearer Korky Paul and Oxford authors such as Philip Pullman – who are working towards setting up an actual museum of children’s literature in the centre of Oxford – will get to realising this dream.

There are 30 pictures in the Korky Paul Picture Books exhibition, and each should be viewed with care as they all offer so much. It’s certainly a delightful family exhibition that everyone from two to 92 will enjoy. It’s also a taster for what’s to come when the Story Museum is up and running.

The show is on until February 12, from 11am to 4pm daily.