Growing demand for green transport at Milton Park, near Didcot, has led to the introduction of a second bus.

The 82-seat double decker, powered by diesel derived from plant oil, will transport people between the business park, Didcot Parkway railway station and the town’s Orchard shopping centre.

The £175,000 vehicle joins another bus in the fleet as part of the business park’s programme to improve public transport links, by offering workers and local residents an environmentally-friendly transport option.

James Dipple, managing director of MEPC Milton Park, said: “The new bus is an integral part of our green travel plan, developed to encourage sustainable travel to the park.

“We’re very proud that many people already travel by means other than single occupancy car.

“We want to help increase this further, reflecting the importance of sustainable thinking and behaviour.”

The fuel system for the bus has been designed by Milton Park tenant Regenatec and is designed to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent compared with oil-based diesel fuel.

Both buses are operated by Courtney Coaches, with workers able to buy a bus pass for a one-off charge of £5. Other users will pay a small fare.

More than 400 bus passes for the service have been issued.

The bus fleet is set to expand again later this year with the introduction of another double-decker to allow a high-frequency service throughout the business park.