George Takei has vowed to send Joe Swash's pictures to a magazine for gay men.

The 'Star Trek' actor - who has shared a kiss on the mouth with the former 'EastEnders' star while on 'I'm A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!' - was impressed with Joe's efforts when Nicola McLean taught the group how to pose as a glamour model, and claimed he would share some photos with his husband Brad, and send others to a publication.

Commenting on the sheen on Joe's body, George added: "I will share this photo with Brad, people are going to wonder about you Joe. You look like a 'Brokeback Mountain' sheep herder, I may offer this photo to Out magazine!"

Joe returned the complement, telling the 71-year-old star: "I'm keeping one of your pictures, you are sexy George."

The men were posing as part of the 'Professionals' task, which as well as Nicola's lessons in posing, saw Martina Navratilova teach a forehand swing, George give a 'Star Trek' masterclass and Joe getting the group to try and sell cheap jewellery to one another in a manner resplendent of his soap character Mickey Miller.

Simon Webbe and David Van Day did not take part in the task as they were hunting for the Celebrity Chest, but the group later gave Simon a brownie they had saved from their task reward.

Joe Swash no longer trusts David Van Day.

The actor was distraught on Monday (01.12.08) when Nicola McLean revealed the singer had told her he was trying to manipulate 'I'm A Celebrity. Get Me Out OF Here!' contestants and encouraged the glamour model to make Joe - previously an ally of the Dollar star - jealous in a bit to have him evicted from camp.

Upset Joe confided in his camp mates while David was tackling the Celebrity Chest with Simon Webbe.

He said: "You know what does my head in the most with it is that he has been here 14 days and I campaigned for him, I've stood up for him. I've helped him mingle into the group and then he wants to make me jealous. That's a really, really quite a low down thing to do.

"I'm not going to say nothing to him, I'm just going to let ride.

"People come in here and play a game but there's playing a game and then there's dragging someone else into it trying to trip them up, he tried to use me."

Nicola tried to reassure the 26-year-old star, explaining David's behaviour as being desperate to regain his fame, not a personal attack.

She said: "Some people like David are just so desperate for a career afterwards, its last chance saloon for him."

'Star Trek' actor George Takei then branded David a "snake in the grass", adding: "I think David is basically that kind of person, a manipulator."

Joe Swash scooped all six stars in the 'Tower of Terror' Bushtucker Trial.

The actor volunteered for the trial simply to get out of camp, and soon found himself clad in a blue leotard and confronted with a 100ft tower, which he would have to scale in order to win stars.

Although initially worried he would " look like a doughnut", Joe added a pair of Simon's pants over the top of the leotard and described himself as looking "like a skinny Smurf".

Clad in his unusual attire, Joe had to walk across three yellow planks and shimmy out along the two red poles in order to retrieve five hanging stars.

A sixth bonus star was suspended just above the top of the tower, over its 100 feet threshold.

Joe - who has previously confessed to disliking heights - said: "When I came here I said I don't want to jump out of planes I don't want to eat anything that's alive and I've eaten croc c**k, witchetty bugs and now I'm going to get up here."

The former 'Eastenders' star was also worried that he wouldn't be able to complete the challenge in the allotted five minutes, but easily retrieved the first three stars in two minutes.

Stars four and five proved slightly harder, but Joe made it to the top of the tower with plenty of tie to spare and made grabbing the final star look easy.

He later admitted: "I feel like I've run the marathon that was really, really hard work."

Joe then returned to camp triumphantly, to cheers from the other celebrities.