Two Oxford Brookes University students have avoided expulsion after they apologised for intimidating a woman during an afternoon drinking session.

Teammates at the Oxford Brookes Rugby Club have also been ordered to carry out “community service” after they were reported to the university for antisocial behaviour during a rugby club social in The Hobgoblin, in Cowley Road, on Thursday, November 6.

Police ejected the students from the pub after Cowley woman Alex Mann claimed the group had thrown beer at her car, leaving her feeling scared.

Ronnie Gunson, president of the Oxford Brookes University Rugby Club, apologised for the group’s behaviour, and admitted members “became intoxicated and behaved in an inappropriate and offensive manner”.

The university also started a prompt investigation and interviewed 29 students who were at the pub.

Last night University vice chancellor Professor Janet Beer said two students were fined after the investigation.

Prof Beer said: “It’s clear that students’ behaviour fell well short of the standards that we expect. The most serious complaint related to antisocial and intimidating behaviour against a member of the public.

“Two students came forward to own up to their part in this incident.

“I know an apology has been offered and the university has also met with her to offer our support.

“Given this was a serious breach of the conduct regulations, the university was minded to exclude the two students for one academic year.

“In light of their contrition, we have applied suspended exclusions and monetary fines.

“The other students involved have also been issued with formal warnings and are required to carry out community service on campus.”

The university refused to disclose how much the students were fined, or give details of the community service.

Ms Mann was unavailable for comment.