A taxi driver sexually assaulted two women passengers in his cab, a jury heard yesterday.

Oxford Crown Court heard Royal Cars driver Baber Khan made sexual comments to the women before trying to force one to perform a sex act on him and grabbing the other’s breasts.

The 30-year-old, of Dashwood Road, Rose Hill, Oxford, denies two charges of sexual assault.

One of the alleged victims, who cannot be named, said she booked a minicab to pick up her and some friends in Gloucester Green, Oxford, in September 2007.

She said Khan had dropped off her friends before making sexual comments to her.

She said: “He kept asking me personal questions to do with how long I had been single for and how long was it since I had sex last.

“I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

“I paid him the money and went to open the door. He said, ‘Can I have a kiss please?’. I was so unnerved by the situation that I just responded by going ‘Yes’ and leaned over.

“He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him.

“I froze. I was frightened.”

The woman denied claims by Graham Russell, defending, that she had made sexual advances to Khan and told him he was good looking.

In a second case, Khan said the woman had consented to his advances.

The case continues.