A generous grandmother has boosted a cash appeal for a community minibus with a £400 donation.

The Wheatley grandmother, who does not wish to be named, donated the money after reading about the fundraising efforts of a group of retired people in the Oxford Mail.

All the fundraisers live in Frys Court, Greater Leys, Oxford, and aim to purchase a wheelchair-friendly mini-bus which can be used to take them on weekly shopping trips and regular excursions.

Paula Foulsham, 57, said: “I think it is incredible.

“What a kind person. Let’s all get like that — the world would be a much nicer place.”

Frys Court residents first began raising cash in June after a minibus which used to serve the estate was sold when it fell into disrepair.

Last month, we reported that the group of 40 residents had raised more than £600 through weekly sweepstakes and coffee mornings.

The group said they wanted to reach £1,000 before they began applying to organisations for extra grants to take them up to their £4,000 target.

After reading the article published on November 14, the anonymous well-wisher in Wheatley got in touch with Mrs Foulsham and her husband John, and donated £400.

Mrs Foulsham, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said: “We would like to be able to raise the money by Easter, because we want to get the old folks out having fun.

“Nobody wants to be stuck in their house all the time.

“It’s a lonely world when it is only you and four walls.”

Mr Foulsham, 65, a grandfather-of-10, said he would begin contacting community groups to ask for sponsorship in January.

He said: “We thought £1,000 by Christmas was going to be hard, so this is fantastic.

“It is now becoming reality. We can see light at the end of the tunnel.

“Now we need to up our game so we can get more people involved in the sweepstake and keep the momentum going.”

To find out more about the minibus appeal, or to sign up to the £1 a week sweepstake, call Mrs Foulsham on 01865 425622.