This is a great show for children of all ages, even those drawing their pension! In the Village Hall at Wytham The Story Machine had the audience in stitches. Professor Ivor Bumm and his assistant Dr Willy Whee were there to present their new invention – a machine that could tell any story, with special brilliant effects and a cast of hundreds of androids.

The audience were cast as a group of distinguished scientists who had come to see the launch of this scientific breakthrough. Of course our two hapless scientists managed to break this wonderful contraption immediately (by mistaking a vital piece of equipment for a coffee cup holder). The pair then have to pretend it is still working by doing all the stories themselves with the aid some weird looking props.

They enlist the help of the audience to suggest keywords, such as what dida you have for lunch? name a location, and so on, which they then fashioned into stories and brought to life.

Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh throw themselves into the action of these tales wholeheartedly. They certainly have to think quickly as the audience gave them some very unpredictable suggestions to work into the plots.

It could be described as an improvisational story telling show but that would not do justice to the crazy antics that abound during the hour long piece. It is very, very funny. One of the great things about it is that way they involve the audience. The kids loved having the power to dictate the direction the stories were going.

The actual story machine itself was an impressive bright red Heath-Robinson kind of monolith, which was funny just to look at.

Indeed, it symbolised the whole madcap and hilarious show – a very well put together, cleverly structured anarchy.