Sir – Once again, it looks as though Labour’s MP for Oxford East is unwilling to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to backing our Post Office network.

When the House of Commons recently debated the future of the Post Office, the man who is meant to represent Oxford East went along with the Government in voting down a call for more services to be provided through post offices.

This follows hard upon the MP’s hypocrisy earlier this year in signing a petition for local post offices to be kept open — and then voting in Parliament to close them.

In contrast, Liberal Democrats have called for the Post Office to be allowed to continue to pay out pensions and benefits, and for £2bn of investment in branches, paid for by selling part of the Government's shareholding in Royal Mail.

Many people in Oxford rely on their local post office for a whole range of services: the government should be backing our Post Office network, not dismantling it.

Steve Goddard, Parliamentary candidate, Oxford East Liberal Democrats