Sir – I have carefully worked through the 83 pages of the Traffic Measures Study on the county council website, and I visited the exhibitions by both the proponents and the opponents of the Cogges Link Road.

There has been much discussion, in this paper and elsewhere, but there are two issues which I have not yet seen highlighted.

Buried in the 83-page study is the suggestion that some or all of the buses to and from Oxford, which now cross Bridge Street and stop at Staple Hall and in Newland, might instead go from the town centre along the CLR to the A40, thus missing all of us from the north of Witney. I am alarmed by this possibility, which would inevitably lead to more, not less, car travel, carbon emissions, and congestion at Staple Hall.

Also buried in the study is the intention to introduce car park charges in Witney town centre, to deter people from driving into the town.

I am all in favour of encouraging more people to walk or cycle, but the current free parking is one of Witney’s attractions, and I would be surprised if Witney traders welcomed moves to deter all the shoppers who can only reach the town centre by car, particularly now that there is competition from free park-and-ride car parks in Oxford.

The final paragraph of the 83-page study offers “shorter journey time” as one of the benefits of the CLR. Have the authors actually looked at their map? It might deliver customers more quickly from Oxford Hill to Sainsbury’s.

For everybody else it represents a long detour, at 40mph or less, and an alternative set of roundabouts and traffic lights.

Katy Jennison, Witney