Sir – Oakley has for many years suffered from speeding vehicles and an increasing volume of heavy lorries.

In recent years this has been exacerbated by the addition of numerous trucks belonging to Graham Churchill, carrying ‘landfill’ to the Oxford Gun Club, and skip lorries serving Bucks Recycling on Worminghall Road.

A survey carried out on October 2, 2008, from 7am to 5pm counted 185 truck movements through the village. This was one of our quieter days! Our roads and kerbs are constantly in a bad state of repair because of the damage caused by the trucks. We also suffer from motorbikes and cars, principally on the B4011, that appear to have a complete disregard for the 30 mph speed limit signs. There is a serious accident waiting to happen in Oakley.

A meeting was convened on October 6, attended by over 100 villagers with representatives from the Parish Council, Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council and Thames Valley Police. As a result of this meeting the Traffic Action Group Committee was set up reporting directly to the parish council.

A new road crossing will be built by St Mary’s Church; an extension of the 30mph limit is proposed and various other traffic calming measures are being considered.

The village will be canvassed via a questionnaire to determine which would be the most popular measures. It was agreed by all that we don’t want a serious accident to occur to make the county council give Oakley some priority for traffic calming works.

On a positive note, Graham Churchill and Bucks Recycling drivers have adopted a voluntary 20mph speed limit through the village after discussions were held with their management.

Protest letters have been sent to John Bercow MP, Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council, the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, Bucks Recycling and the Oxford Gun Club.

Bill Slade and Scott Holmes, Oakley